Scrap Processing and Packaging Specialists

Dereeltech specializes in metal recycling services. We process transformer windings, filled cable, enameled aluminum and/or copper bearing material, to bare raw material forms meeting consumers needs. We can provide custom packaging in the form of briquetted or baled scrap material, bagged or boxed chopped copper wire, and Electrolytic and/or EWON copper cathodes cut to meet your specifications. We are an approved small munitions "popper" to consumers and can dry most forms of oil or moisture laden byproduct or scrap metallics. Our central location 35 miles NE of Louisville, KY provides inexpensive logistics to toll processing of OEM aluminum and copper based products for delivery to consumers in the region.

wire and cable scrap reclamation

Wire and Cable Scrap Reclamation

  • Wire chopping of copper and aluminum based wire and cables
  • Cable stripping of URD, ACSR and similar grades of cable
  • Copper Rod Processing to piece size specification
  • Oven pyrolysis of coatings from aluminum packaging material
  • Oven processing of Cu & Al scrap to bare raw material
convert scrap copper to refined units

Toll Programs to Convert Scrap units to Refined units

  • Toll combustible contaminated forms of scrap to consumer ready raw material
  • Toll aluminum scrap Cl3 scrap to Cl 1 scrap
  • Toll forms of copper scrap to copper cathode or rod
  • Toll full plate cathodes to piece sizes meeting your needs

options to fit your risk needs

Risk Management Programs

  • Forward pricing, monthly average pricing, spot pricing options to fit your risk needs
  • Tolling of scrap Cu and/or Al scrap to Refined or similar raw materials

copper evaluation

Consulting Services

  • Evaluate existing contracts/programs
  • Review Internal operational procedures, logistics and services provided by others
  • Review scrap handling procedures